POST api/requestAuth

Request a new Authorization Token

POST api/replyAuth

Authenticate an existing Token

GET api/auth/{authID}

Retrieve an Authentication Token's Details

GET api/operators?authID={authID}

Get a list of all Operators

GET api/operators/{operatorID}/accounts?authID={authID}

Get a list of all Accounts for an Operator

GET api/accounts/{accountID}?authID={authID}

Retrieve an Account

GET api/accounts/{accountID}/locations?authID={authID}

Get a list of all Locations for an Account

GET api/locations/{locationID}/machines?authID={authID}

Get a list of all Machines for a Location

POST api/machinesAtLocations?authID={authID}

Get a list of all Machines for a list of Locations

POST api/machinesForList?authID={authID}

Retrieve the Machine Details for a list of Machines

GET api/machines/{machineID}?authID={authID}

Retrieve the details of a Machine

POST api/cards/create?authID={authID}

Create a new Virtual Card to be delivered to a Machine

GET api/cards/{cardID}?authID={authID}

Retrieve a previously created Virtual Card

POST api/cards/{cardID}/return?authID={authID}

Request that a Virtual Card be returned from the Machine

POST api/cards/{cardID}/reconcile?authID={authID}

Reconcile a Virtual Card (Mark it to indicate that it's remaining balance has been recoved and it is no longer in use)

POST api/cards/reconcileList?authID={authID}

Reconcile a a list of Virtual Cards

GET api/accounts/{accountID}/cardholders/{cardHolderID}/unreconciled?authID={authID}

Retrieve all unreconciled cards for a specific card holder

GET api/operators/{operatorID}/cardholders/{cardHolderID}/cards?authID={authID}

Retrieve all historical cards for a specific card holder

POST api/log?authID={authID}

Log a debug message for card. (Set CardID to null or '' if message is not card specific.

GET api/operators/{operatorID}/cardholders/{cardHolderID}/unreconciled?authID={authID}

Retrieve all unreconciled cards for a specific card holder accross all accounts for an operator